Sunday, 30 May 2010

Israeli Navy threatening Gaza Freedom Humanitarian Aid Flotilla, full of non-violent peace and humanitarian aid activists in International Waters

We have all just heard live from Hassan Ghani, Sarah Colborne and all the other national spokespeople on the IHH Boat that the Flotilla has got rada contact showing 3 Israeli warships approaching, with one visible to IHH boat eyes. There are drones flying overhead. The flotilla is between 90 and 120 miles out at sea. That is far outside the 68 mile exclusion zone Israel has today (illegally) declared. The ships are clearly in international waters. The flotilla passengers all have life belts on, clearly anxious, but organised and determined.

Watch the IHH deck live (Blood Pressure Warning: the stream keeps freezing, buffering and pausing for obvious reasons):

I have already spoken to the Foreign Office Emergency Response team, who are not in the position of doing anything pro-actively (they never are, it's just not their job). They are acutely aware of the flotilla's situation and ready to assist as appropriate any UK citizens abroad, or their direct relatives, "who need or request consular assistance".

The people we really have to hammer away at are our elected representatives. We HAVE to email/phone/text our Government Ministers - AND YOUR INDIVIDUAL CONSTITUENCY MP - to get them to support the convoy and tell the Israeli Navy to bugger off:

1) PHONE - the BBC and SKY and ask them WHY there has been virtually no coverage of the Freedom Flotilla which has 40 British passengers and crew on board (in total across all the ships) and is being threatened by the Israeli Navy with armed attack? Contact them on BBC 020 8624 9111 and SKY 020 7705 3000.


TELEPHONE Nick Clegg at the following numbers:
Sheffield Hallam constituency office - 0114 230 9002
House of Commons - 020 7219 2371

Please do your utmost to raise support and lobby for safety for the flotilla.
There are moves to hold a DEMONSTRATION AT DOWNING STREET AT 2PM, TOMORROW MONDAY 31ST MAY whatever happens this evening. As soon as I get more information about this you'll know!!

Best wishes
Ellie Merton
(Friend of Tox on the IHH boat,
Viva Palestina Convoy 3, a driver of ambulance F5,
Chair, Waltham Forest Palestine Solidarity Campaign)

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