Thursday, 9 September 2010

WFPSC - New Season Calendar

On WFPSC website, find the list of regular WFPSC meetings (in right-hand column). WFPSC will keep this on-line calendar updated, so you will always know about meetings well in advance. Please take a moment to copy the current entries into your diaries! But remember to check back, regularly, for changes/additions/cancellations. Here is a sneak preview:

(all at Hornbeam Centre, Walthamstow, 7-10pm)
Sat, 8 January 2011
Tues, 8 March 2011
Sun, 8 May 2011
Fri, 8 July 2011 - AGM

The biggest, most important contribution, you can make to WFPSC is to take a turn staffing WFPSC's information & merchandise stalls. If enough of you volunteer throughout the year, you'll only be needed once every six months, or fewer times than that!
WFPSC has come to learn that our stalls are VITAL in the borough - we have more enjoyment, hilarity, intense argument, persuasion, learning, bonding, selling, teaching, fundraising, political epihany-ing, community spirit building, cake and coffee consuming at our stall tables than at any other time or place. Our stalls are THE place for your friends and family to recognise your efforts, brimming with pride. They are extremely easy to run, and you'll be trained up. Please fill in your details below:





(Delete as applicable:) YES, I HAVE CAR. | NO, SORRY, NO CAR.

Choose date(s) from the lists below, by typing "YES" next to them

We need to safeguard our right, as UK citizens, to arrest foreign war criminals when they visit the UK, and other important legal measures that enable us Brits to undertake the mammoth task of holding to account war criminals, human and civil rights abusers. Erosion of these vital rights must not be allowed to happen by any of our Governments, current or future, whichever political party happens to be in power at the time.

WFPSC's simple, local, task is to pin all our local Waltham Forest political representatives, at any level and of any hue, into a political corner and forbid them from allowing our rights to be removed. We need them to help us retain our legal rights to bring to account those who willfully perpetrate war and other crimes against Palestinians but who are not being held to account in their own countries.

In practice, this means letter writing - to all your relevant MP (one of Ian Duncan Smith, Stella Creasy or John Cryer); to any relevant prospective MP candidates from any political party (although we don't really know who they are now, so maybe we just write to your local party chairmen and women?); to all your local councillors; and to your London Assembly and EU Parliamentary member as well. To find out who these political folks are, discover them at:

For detailed info on what Universal Jurisdiction is about, take a look at: - note the PDF briefing MPs - Michael Mansfield's letter to the Guardian

Enjoy your letter writing!! Palestinians are relying on your every word. No pressure, then....

All the team look forwards to your deluge of volunteering replies!

Best wishes
Ellie Merton
Chair, WFPSC

Waltham Forest Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Patrons: Neil Gerrard, Jean Lambert MEP, Prof Nur Masalha
Facebook: 'Wfpsc London'
Post: WFPSC, PO Box 64002, Walthamstow, London E17 0HD
Waltham Forest PSC encourages you to Boycott Israeli Goods. Instead BUY PALESTINIAN fairtrade organic goods from our local Zaytoun distributor -

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