Friday, 1 April 2011

WFSPC's page on Facebook has been shut down 'for being under an assumed name' (QUE?!) which is well odd, because the page has been ambling along genially for over two years, and recently we were hardly using it at all! LOLOLOL

We imagine some really deranged idiots, probably racist and probably against anything 'Arab' and definitely against anything pro Palestinian, had a little go at Facebook out of pique because, as racists, they are irrelevant losers. Just shows how incompetent and sad the 'destroy Palestine' lobby are.

Anyway, we're back, live and loud to stake out Walthamstow Town Square tomorrow, Saturday 2nd April - so see you all there!

Boycott Divestment and Sanctions against the illegal Apartheid occupation of Palestinian lands is really beginning to work - and at the forefront of the BDS campaign to free Palestine are a vast array of Jewish groups alongside whom we are extremely proud to stand.

Love, your very own, proud to be pro-Palestinian, WFPSC team XX

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