Monday, 19 January 2015

Manufactured Fear

With respect to the growth of so called ‘New Anti-Semitism’, I was most confused recently to find a survey in my inbox, full of leading questions directing me to express fear about the growth of anti-Semitism and inviting me to agree that as a result my thoughts had turned to emigration to Israel. This struck me as odd because Israel constantly promotes itself as a country surrounded by enemies, thus putting its Jewish citizens at risk, surely making Israel one of the least safe places for Jews.
Something else bothers me, namely the fact that some of the most extreme violence committed against Jews in this country, namely the expulsion of a young man from his home and the arson attack on a Rabbis car, was committed by Jews against other Jews who appeared on Palestine solidarity platforms during Israel’s latest assault on Gaza. Vigilance against anti- Semitism is important, but manufactured fear by those with a political axe to grind, is in no one’s interests.

Diana Neslen

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