Monday, 2 February 2015

Pink washing

At the 2015 AGM of PSC Ray Goodspeed from WFPSC moved following motion. It was carried without discussion. 

"Palestinian LGBTQ people campaign for their specific rights as part of the wider struggle for their human and national rights as Palestinians. Organisations such as Al-Qaws and Aswat PSC, as part of its support for BDS, opposes attempts by Israel to use its state-funded propaganda machine to present itself as a liberal, democratic state by virtue of its record on LGBTQ rights (“pinkwashing”) as a way of distracting attention from its illegal occupation of Palestine. Pinkwashing trades on Islamophobic stereotypes – that Muslims, Arabs and Palestinians are all violently homophobic. have called for support for campaigns against pinkwashing as part of the wider campaign by Palestinian civil society for BDS.
In Britain the “No to Pinkwashing” group was set up in 2012 by activists including PSC members to answer this call and it has worked closely with PSC since then.
This AGM resolves to support “No to Pinkwashing” and to encourage PSC branches, affiliated Trade Unions and other affiliated organisations to:
  • Support the group, politically and where appropriate financially.
  • Consider inviting speakers from No to Pinkwashing to appropriate meetings
  • Support campaigns to raise awareness in the LGBTQ communities for a boycott of LGBTQ-specific tourism in Tel-Aviv and Israel in general, which is actively funded and promoted by the Israeli state.
  • Intervene, where possible, at any appropriate events organised during LGBTQ history month in February 2015.
  • Support initiatives to raise the issue of BDS generally and pinkwashing in particular at LGBTQ Pride events
  • Offer solidarity to LGBTQ activists and others, both in the state of Israel and the Occupied Territories, who are campaigning against Pinkwashing as part of the wider struggle for BDS and for the rights of the Palestinian people.

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