Thursday, 19 January 2017

Stolen goods in our shops - don't buy fruits of occupation

Look at the box of Medjoul dates me and a friend photographed earlier in a Turkish supermarket at the bottom of Walthamstow Market.
The box had text in Arabic and in English and the brand is Jordan Valley.

You would think that those dates are produced by the Jordanian or Palestinian farmers, and the intention is that you think exactly that.

In fact they come from the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, Palestine.

The barcode 72900….indicates that Israel is a producer. It is known that in order to cover up the country of origin and avoid being boycotted, Israel sometimes uses different barcodes.

What makes the country of origin totally certain is the ‘Hadiklaim’ logo.

Hadiklaim is an Israeli date growers’ co-operative which sells its dates abroad under the following brand names: King Solomon, Jordan River and Jordan River Bio-Top, as well as under the private labels of supermarket chains.

Always check the label and if it says ‘Hadiklaim’ don’t buy it and complain to the management.

International laws say that occupiers should neither move their population into the occupied countries, not exploit their resources.

In the case of Jordan Valley Medjoul dates Israel is guilty on both accounts.

The fact that we have goods acquired by theft and criminal activities in our shops is both incomprehensible and unacceptable and we should boycott them and make them unsaleable.

More info about Israeli dates sold in the UK can be found here

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