Tuesday, 15 June 2010

WFPSC Branch Meeting - Tues 22/6/2010, 7pm

Tuesday 22nd June 2010
7pm (tea & cake) - for 7.30pm (start)
Hornbeam Centre
458 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, E17 9AH
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Vital and vibrant meeting - planning, working out how to do things better. Nitty, gritty, constructive stuff. There will be tea/coffee, and cake, to soothe/bolster tired minds...

However, we want to hear from you BEFORE the meeting, to get the ball rolling:

We need to hear detailed feedback from you about what you have personally been up to for the last few months in relation to Palestine. For example, some of you have been letter writing to MPs - how did you get on? What kinds of responses did you get? Have you been attending Palestine-related events out of the borough, or even in the borough, that you think we would benefit from hearing about, or liaising with organisations that we should be in contact with? Have you been raising money for palestine-related charities and want to gain our support and backing for your work? Please, please tell us - we'd love to hear from you.

To make sure our discussions will be interesting, WE REALLY WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU NOW, so we can create a really zappy list of potential work:
What actions, what letter writing campaigns, what street stalls, what speaker events, cultural experiences, sports events, schools visits, language classes, overseas trips, EU and MP lobbies, banner making, art exhibitions, UK palestinians liaison, direct Gazan palestinian support, and so on, do you want to participate in? What would really float your boat and be of real interest to you to do? What would your children be interested in doing, and what would your work colleagues, who probably know nothing about Palestine, find of use? So, how about a "Palestine for Dummies" presentation we can bring down to your office one lunchtime? What else might work?

A key aspect to ascertain is what people feel comfortable doing, physically. Of course your time is precious, limited and already over-committed - that's a given for everyone. But if anything really grabs your attention as being interesting, would you actually offer to help organise it and bring it to fruition? Can you actually imagine your pet idea happening without you helping to organise it?

With all this potential development, do we have the right systems in place as as branch to support all your work and ideas? What should we be changing in the way we run the branch to accommodate and expand on what we want to do?

Please do EMAIL wfpsc@yahoo.com with your suggestions as soon as you can! The Officers group would really like to hear from you BEFORE the meeting if at all possible, so we can put together an exciting and dynamic evening of discussion and idea sharing. Thank you!

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