Wednesday, 9 June 2010

WFPSC - tonight and the weekend - ACTION!!!

Hello dear WFPSC members and supporters

Many of your branch officer group has been heavily involved in the support work for the survivors of the Gaza Flotilla, and local branch business kinda got pushed onto a back burner for a short while. However, most of the survivors are home now and we can turn our focus back onto making a difference through our local work in Waltham Forest and by participating in the national campaigns, effort which is crucially important. We just want to mention that Stella Creasy, MP for Walthamstow, has been extremely helpful and kind to the Gaza Flotilla survivors from Waltham Forest and her efforts on their behalves are much appreciated by all of us.

Waltham Forest local branch meeting is postponed. Suggested alternative dates are: Weds 16, Thurs 17, Fri 18, or Mon 21, Tues 22 June. Please let me know, by email to asap, which you would prefer.

INSTEAD - this evening, please get the tube/train/bus into central London, to Holborn, and attend the PSC/Viva Palestina rally in support of the Gaza Flotilla Survivors - 7pm, Weds 9th June, at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square. You will hear first-hand accounts from survivors, and learn about plans for future convoy and flotilla projects. Please do go if you can.

On Saturday, PSC national is holding their regular feedback session for PSC membership associations like ours, called Branch Forum. It's in Birmingham. Ellie will be going to it on behalf of WFPSC. If you would like to accompany Ellie to Branch Forum, your involvement would be tremendously useful. Please asap if you can come along, so Ellie can arrange travel.

During Branch Forum on Saturday, representatives from each PSC branch will get a chance to discuss the "Wfpsc London Fund". WFPSC still needs to canvass your views about how to break the fund up. Instead of discussing the proposal at our now postponed branch meeting tonight, instead, please would you read the proposal (below) and make your views known to us by email ( Any serious concerns will be discussed by email among the officers group and decisions taken before Saturday's Branch Forum:
Approximately £2,000 left in the WFPSC London Fund kitty. For disbursing these funds, WFPSC officers make the following recommendations:
1) the money gets split three ways
2) it goes towards further Gaza relief and humanitarian aid missions to break the siege on Gaza
3) In line with the Free Gaza Flotilla that still requires funds for fuel and other necessaries to continue to take aid to Gaza, the money is split between IHH, Free Gaza Movement and people/projects we are already supporting in Gaza.


Whoop Whoop! Loud, dynamic, flourescent protest, inside a large supermarket in the borough!! Yes, we are going ahead with this major, exciting and energetic piece of direct action. Please get involved. Email to confirm your involvement and we'll email you the details. Unlike last time, we won't be broadcasting where we are going, or when, so you need to email to know more. Thanks!

Best wishes
all at WFPSC

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