Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Demand justice for the Hares Boys

The second anniversary of the Hares Boys’ incarceration on trumped up charges for causing a traffic accident near their village in the occupied West Bank, is approaching.

Ali Shamlawi
 The accident involved a collision between an Israeli stationary truck and a car driven by a woman from the illegal West Bank Yakir settlement with her three children, one of whom was seriously injured and sadly died couple of weeks ago, almost two years after the crash.

.It is important to note that the Boys, who were age 16-17 at the time, were violently arrested by the Israeli soldiers and secret service agents, 

They were abused and tortured during interrogation and then charged with 25 counts of attempted murder, one for each stone allegedly thrown.

Ammar Souf
 It is also important to know that not a shred of credible evidence has been produced against them and that initial evidence gathering at, what was later declared a crime scene, was done by the car insurers!

Five Hares Boys are victims of a major miscarriage of justice which can result in up to 20 years of their young lives being spent incarcerated for attempted murder.
Mohammed Kleib 

The fact is the Boys have been, from the day one, declared guilty and labelled terrorists by the Israeli media and political leaders,including Netanyahu. .  

They have no chance of getting a fair trial from their occupiers and what all justice loving people need to do, is ensure that there is enough pressure by countries, such as the UK, put on the Israeli Government to free Hares Boys. as well as hundreds more Palestinian political prisoners, including children,  held in Israeli jails without a charge.

Tamer Souf

Israel’ place in the club of Western democracies and unprecedented access to the western markets, need to be linked to Israel’s respect for international laws, including human and prisoners’ rights.  .

Please, visit Hares Boys websites for updates and a host of information including examples of solidarity actions around the world and what you can do to ensure justice for the boys:  https://haresboys.wordpress.com/

 Also, join the London Palestine Action protest to mark the second anniversary of the Hares Boys incarceration, which will take place near the Houses of Parliament (exact location will be circulated nearer to the date) on Friday 13 March, between 8.00 -9.30 in the morning, 

Asking for justice for their children: mothers of Ali Shamlawi and Mohammed Sulaimanat the Press Conference  in Ramallah, 1 March 2015

Parents of the Hares Boys with, Issa Qaraqeh, Palestinian Minister of Detainees at the Press Conference in Ramallah.

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