Thursday, 5 March 2015

Join WFPSC protest this Saturday, 7 March ’15, 11am – 2pm, outside Sainsbury’s, Walthamstow Market (112 High Street, London E17 7JY)

Sainsbury’s continues to profit from the Israeli occupation and exploitation of Palestine
Since 1967, Israel has built 37 illegal settlements in the Jordan Valley (Occupied Palestine), evicting nearly 80% of the Palestinian people who owned and farmed that land. These settlements depend for survival on Israeli export companies, such as Mehadrin and EDOM.
Sainsbury’s continues to trade with these companies, despite a 2 year-long campaign telling them about this crime. 
International Law and goods from Stolen Land:
It is illegal for Israel to exploit for its own profit land which it is occupying by force, like the Jordan Valley. Sainsbury's knows this, but still does business with companies that make Israel’s crimes possible.

How ethical is Sainsbury’s?
A recent survey by “Ethical Consumer” put Sainsbury’s next to the bottom in the UK supermarkets on the basis of its ethical conduct. It came below Tesco, Aldi and Lidl and was just above Asda.
 What can we do? 

  Join our protest taking place on the first Saturday of each month between 11am and 2pm in front one of the local Sainsbury'


Always read the label: Stop buying goods produced in Israel and in the illegal settlements in the occupied Jordan Valley and West Bank

Talk to the manager of your local Sainsbury’s or write to Sainsbury's Head Office to raise your concerns and ask Sainsbury's to stop trading with companies which help Israel break the law.

Contact you MP, Councillor, Trade Union etc.

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