Sunday, 29 June 2014

WFPSC Annual General Meeting 2014
Wednesday 16th July 2014
7.00pm - 9.30pm

The Mill
7 Coppermill Lane
E17 7HA 


1.  Apologies
2.  Minutes of 2013 AGM
3.  Reports from Chairman, Treasurer and other officers
4.  Elections of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and six other officers.
5.  Dates for 2015 AGM and 2014/2015 Branch Meetings
6.  Initial plans for 2014/2015
7.  AOB

Our AGM is open to all to attend, so please do come along!  However, do note that in order to vote, or be elected, you have to be a paid-up member of PSC.

Light refreshments will be available for a small donation.

After the AGM we are having a Fundraising Dinner at URFA, a Turkish Restuarant on St James St nearly opposite the station. 
It starts around 8pm and costs £20. We are short of funds at present and need them for using in our campaigning locally. 
RSVP by 13th July to John Gleisner at

Many thanks

Friday, 13 June 2014

Our next Palestine stall is in Leyton on this Saturday

Waltham Forest Palestine Solidarity Campaign (WFPSC) will run the next fortnightly information stall with publicity items and produce form Palestine on this Saturday, the 14th at Leyton TK Maxx (opposite Leyton Tube station).

Please, come and join us between  11.30am and 2pm.

Also spread the word.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Freedom Theatre Jenin on UK tour

Across Britain: 12th - 23rd June 
Throughout June Nabil Al-Raee (Artistic Director of The Freedom Theatre, Palestine) accompanied by Zoe Lafferty (Associate Director) will be touring the UK. They will be screening short films and documentaries about the theatre as well as discussing cultural resistance and The Freedom Theatre's struggle for creation under occupation.

TIME: 6pm
DATE: 16th June
VENUE: MBI Al Jaber Seminar Room, 12 Russell Square SOAS, Centre for Palestine Studies and London Middle East Institute, LMEI

TIME: 7:30pm
DATE: 23rd June
VENUE:  Wilton Music Hall, 1 Graces Alley, E1 8JB
All events are free entry except the 23rd at Wilton Music Hall.
Follow the link below to the website of The Freedom Theatre UK Friends for bookings and further information.
Click here for further info and booking

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Balance and timing of violence over Gaza

An article by In Occupied Palestine (IOP), Palestine Human Rights Campaign POB 56150, Dominion Rd, Auckland, New Zealand on 31 May ‘14.To register for daily updates on events in Palestine email Leslie Bravery on

Balance and timing of violence over Gaza
Summary for May 2014:
Israel justifies its constant violence in the Gaza Strip by claiming that it is simply responding to Palestinian missile attacks. But the evidence suggests that Israel does its best to provoke them. It should not be forgotten either that Israeli violence and oppression against the Palestinian people is carried out in the whole of Occupied Palestine – not just Gaza. The following report, compiled from from the PHRC's daily newsletters In Occupied Palestine, is confined to the events in the Gaza Strip solely in order to deal with Israeli propaganda over the issue of Palestinian missile attacks.
There was no PMG report to cover 11 May 2014. The figures presented below concern the remaining 30 days of the month of May 2014:
Palestinian missile attacks on 5 days
Israeli attacks on 25 days
No Israelis injured or killed
10 Palestinians injured
Palestinian missiles were fired towards the Green Line on 4 separate days.
According to the Israeli Army, Palestinian missile attacks caused no death, injury or damage.
There were 52 Israeli attacks on 25 days this month and the Israeli Navy enforced a crippling no-fishing zone on Palestinian fishing boats every day.
There were 36 Israeli Army attacks on the Gaza Strip.
There were 16 Israeli Navy attacks on Palestinian fishing boats.
The Palestinian people have no defence capability against overwhelming Israeli military superiority.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Sainsbury's protest this Saturday 7th June

Please join us this SATURDAY 7th JUNE

for a protest at

Meet at the STAR CAFE (near Morrison's)
44 CHINGFORD MOUNT ROAD E4 9AB  at 10 - 00am

We are calling on Sainsbury's to end their support for companies involved in the theft of Palestinian land.
We call on Sainsbury's to live up to their claim of being an
Ethical company.

Let us know if you can join us this Saturday on