Who we are

The issue of Palestine is a cross-party, multi-faith issue uniting everyone around simple principles and basic rights that should be accorded to all Palestinians.

Our more active members, therefore, come from a broad array of UK party political leanings: Conservatives, Lib Dems, Labour, Co-op, Greens, Socialist Workers, Communist Party of Great Britain, Respect are just a few of them.  This diversity makes open debate more interesting, and offers the group a huge range of tactics and campaigning ideas to work off.  We try to factor the diversity of views into our work so those more comfortable with a low-key campaigning style can concentrate on that, and others can concentrate on undertaking louder activities but all expressing the same message with the same passion.  Free Palestine!

We are extremely proud that our members come from many faith backgrounds.  More active members represent a mix of different kinds of Jewish, Muslim and Christian adherents with Atheists and Agnostics; and our broader membership also includes Buddhists, Sikhs and Hindus among others.

We are particularly lucky to be a multi-ethnic group, with members coming from a broad range of races and nationalities but living here in the UK.  Meetings have been known to disappear into French, Arabic, Urdu and anything else that helps with translation and understanding, with much hilarity over regional accents and dialects, and comparing word meanings.

Our age and accessibility range is also very broad.  Members bring their young children along to events and engage in activities as a family.  Younger members drag parents along for an education.  People often bring a colleague along to introduce them Palestine for the first time.  Working parents come to meetings when childcare permits and keep in touch by email or the web otherwise.  Some are housebound and tell us of their involvement via friends or internet messages.  Some with differing mobility needs just prefer popping along to the fortnightly Saturday stall in the Town Square which is on the flat, during daylight hours and doesn't clash with weekday commitments.  Others can only do weekday evenings and have commitments every weekend.  We try to accommodate whatever effort people can offer, whenever they can offer it.

The thing that binds us all is a passion to work towards Palestinians achieving their basic human and civil rights as soon as possible and re-establishing their sophisticated culture again, unfettered, back on their own lands.

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