Meetings & Events

Branch Meetings schedule for 2015

-   Wed 21 January 
-   Wed 18 February 
-   Wed 18 March
-   Wed 15 April
-   Wed 20 May
-   Wed 17 June
-   Wed 15 July
-   Wed  19 August
-   Wed  16 September
-   Wed  21 October
-   Wed  18 November
-   Wed 16 December 

Monthly Branch meetings are open to everyone. They take place on the THIRD  Wednesday of each month, from 7.00pm-9.00pm in the Hornbeam Cafe, 458 Hoe St, Walthamstow, E17 9AH.

We have a structured Agenda but it changes month by month depending on what is needed.  Each month we aim to start our meeting with a presentations and discussion on a topic of interest, followed by information sharing, updates and action planning.  If we ever hold formal, constitutionally binding votes during Branch Meeting (which we've rarely done so far) then only paid-up members of PSC can vote.  Otherwise we work entirely on consensus with whomever is present or has sent in their views already, with the occasional show of hands to provide clearer direction.  No two Branch Meetings are ever the same so it never gets boring.

New people attend the meetings all the time and we try to generate an open atmosphere where everyone can feed positively into what WFPSC does.  The officers group are well versed in applying and safeguarding the WFPSC Constitution so participants can be confident each meeting will fit into our aims and objects and not get derailed or sidetracked into issues that WFPSC cannot or should not be handling.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) - 2015 date to be decided
This is the main formal business of the year, when we review what activities we have undertaken, achievements made and goals met.  We formally review our financial position and check on back office functions.  We elect all nine officer roles.  And we take the opportunity to outline what key things we want to improve for next season, and what our new campaigning goals might be.  Sometimes we have a guest speaker during the meeting to inspire us for the year ahead.  On other occasions we just stick to administrative matters at the AGM and hold an issues debate or social event separately.

Public Meetings
Once in a while we'll hold a large public meeting to share powerpoint and video presentations from important witnesses on the ground in Palestine, and to debate pressing issues with key speakers.  The issues are often hotly political but frequently include a large humanitarian crisis element, so many of our public events have become fundraisers for humanitarian aid at the same time.  Our focus as a branch of PSC, however, is on the political dimension and how to help Palestinians regain their rights using what political, economic and social means we have available to us in the UK.

Officers Group Meetings
There are nine officers elected at each AGM: Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and six other officers who might take a lead and specialize in areas such as BDS, event organizing, lobbying and influencing politicians etc.  The officers group keeps in regular contact throughout the year, planning activities and keeping branch work on track.  The officers group only holds meetings when needed and generally consults Branch Meetings on major decisions.  Only paid-up members of PSC national can stand for election or co-option to the officer group.  The officers provide reports to the AGM and on the whole the AGM leaves the officers to sort out the detail of annual plans and logistics to take back to Branch further down the line.  Officers occasionally change around, resigning or being co-opted mid-season as and when people's daily lives change, workloads and commitments get too heavy, or people move into or out of the area.  Since being founded, WFPSC has prided itself on its informal but concerted efforts to have a politically diverse officers group.

Cultural Nights
We love having the opportunity to show our appreciation for Palestinian culture as well as other varied cultures.  So we put on events where food, film, music, poetry and dance can be enjoyed by all.  We try to use accessible venues and accommodate different cultural or religious requirements where feasible.  We've had Halal and non-alcoholic meals, events with Palestinian wine and organic goods, meetings with people tucking into Kosher snacks, several meetings providing Iftar during Ramadan, and festive goodies including mulled wine at Christmas.  We've held meetings in coffee shops, working our way through many different cultures' cakes and sweets, and we've been down the pub a fair amount as well.  We like emulating the Palestinian love of life, sophisticated culture and community.

Social Nights
Regularly through the year we'll have purely social gatherings where people can enjoy a meal and natter freely, unwinding from some difficult campaigning with kindred spirits.  But they invariably end up a free-for-all brainstorming sessions - some of our best campaigning ideas, and most dedicated volunteers, come to light at our social nights!


  1. Hi
    Did the AGM take place on 9 july. If so, have all the member seats been taken? I would very much like to be a member, I was part of the organisation a number of years ago and was actively involved in raising money for Gaza. So many years later nothing has changed. Please let me know. Thanks.

  2. Dear Anonymous, sorry for a very, very, very delayed response. Are you still interested in joining us? If yes, please email us on