Friday, 12 May 2017

Visit our Palestine Solidarity stall in Walthamstow

Tomorrow, Saturday 13 May ’17, we will devote our stall to Balfour Declaration and 69 anniversary of dispossession of the Palestinians.

We now have new Palestine Solidarity Campaign info materials on the Balfour Declaration and British involvement in Palestine, which we will be handing out.

History cannot be unlived but injustices have to be acknowledged and apologies made.

This year marks a centenary of British Foreign Minster Arthur Balfour’s promise of a homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine, which materialised on 15 May 1948 depriving Palestinians of their homeland.

Palestinians called this a Nakba, (Catastrophe) which resulted in the mass ethnic cleansing, violence and decades of occupation of Palestinian people.

Come and have a chat about these important issues which impact on the world we live in to this day.

Demand justice and equal rights for Palestinians

See you there.

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