Saturday, 14 April 2018

Our Palestine stall outside Matalan in E11, 14 April '18

See the photos from our successful stall today outside Matalan in the Leytonstone High Street.

The weather was great, with lots of people in the street and quite a few of them chose to examine our stall and talk about Palestine and our activities.

The traffic on the High street was heavy and we had drivers honking in support and even stopping to give us a donation.

We have numerous offers of support and solidarity and expressions of interest in volunteering with us.

We need to join forces as people within the Palestine Solidarity movement. Please consider joining as a member

Decades long illegal occupation of Palestine by Israel, is becoming more brutal by the day.

Unarmed people of Gaza have been mowed down in their hundreds by Israel, one of the most heavily armed countries in the world and residents of the West Bank are executed daily in their towns and villages.

Land grab for the illegal Israeli settlements is gaining pace and Trump continues with the colonialist behaviour of the only world empire, by presenting Israel with the gift of Jerusalem, illegally occupied since 1967.

While all this is happening, there is little reporting and reactions by the, otherwise trigger happy, UK Government are muted if not non-existent.

In fact, to a a great extent, the Israeli occupation is only made possible by the Western support, including in the most devastating modern weapons available.

Our next stall is on Saturday 28 April 11.30 -14.00. Please pencil the date in if you want to visit us and we will confirm the location nearer to the date.

Show that Palestinian lives matter to you.

Justice for Palestine!

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